Thursday, February 16, 2012

SGNA Committees Need YOU!


No doubt the Beatles were describing the role of neighborhood associations when they sung:
"I am he as you are he as your are me and we are all together"

To translate, that means YOU are the reason neighborhood associations exist and YOU (and people just like you) are what make it happen.

In that spirit the 12 volunteer members of your Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association Board had a very productive retreat last Saturday.  We developed some priorities for 2012, among the most important one is encouraging more people to get involved with the Neighborhood Association. 

One good way to get involved is participate by serving on a committee.  You get to deal with real livability issues and have a more informal and flexible participation.  Upcoming committee meetings include:

Land Use Committee - Thursday, March 6 at 7 pm at Holladay Park Plaza
Lots going on that affects the livability of the neighborhood, NE Broadway Businesses, participation in the NE Quadrant planning study; possible permit parking zone, 
For details contact: Britt Brewer.

Communications Committee - Thursday, Feb. 23 at 6 pm at Skyline Burgers, NE 22nd and Broadway.
We put out the quarterly newsletters, place the lawn signs on street corners announcing events, manage the website, etc.  We need your help with upgrading the website, cross posting information to other social media sites, etc.  Contact Chris Lopez for details.

Emergency Preparedness Introduction Night — March 15 from 6:30-8pm.  Please RSVP to Brenn Simonen to get location.
Are you prepared for an emergency?  Do you know what to do and where to go if a disaster happens?  Does your household have a plan?  Learn basic tools to save you and your family during an emergency and increase you chance of survival during a disaster.

Lifestyles Committee - no meeting scheduled this month.  

Upcoming events:  Spring Clean Up (aka Trash Bash) is set for Saturday May 26.  Details about what will be included are being worked out.  If there's a particular item you'd like to see recycled your help is always welcome. Meetings will be held April and May to get ready.  Contact Dave Brook by email or phone if you'd like to help out. 

Come to a Neighborhood Association Board meeting

You are always invited to attend the monthly SGNA Board meetings.  They are always the 2nd Tuesday of the month 7:30 to 9 pm at Holladay Park Plaza.  The next Board Meeting: March 13 - 7-30 pm at Holladay Park Plaza.  Hope to see you there.

- Dave Brook, Board President

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Changes in Gulch Bus Service Ahead

You may be aware that Trimet is struggling to deal with a huge budget crisis.  They've proposed upping fares (to $2.50) and requiring a separate fare for a return trip, (even if within the time period). They've proposed ending Free Rail Zone completely.  And they've also proposed restructuring some of routes and service levels, including several lines in NE that serve the Gulch.  

For some people the change in routes might not be as big a change as the fact that buses would no longer go directly downtown but stop at Rose Quarter and require a transfer.

Excellent, although somewhat wonky, discussions of these changes can be found on here and here.

The SGNA Land Use Committee, which also deals with transportation issues, is interested in your views.  Please comment below or let a Board member know your views.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mayoral & City Council Candidates Forums at Concordia University


Join Mayoral Candidates: Eileen Brady, Jefferson Smith & Charlie Hales. Council Candidates: Mary Nolan, Amanda Fritz, Teressa Raiford, Steve Novick, Jeri Williams & Mark White for a pair of discussions with our north & northeast neighbors. What questions would you like to ask the candidates?

The first forum on February 28th will focus on community livability issues such as jobs, transportation, safety and other requirements for thriving, healthy communities for all.

The second on March 22nd will focus on education, from Pre-K through to Higher Education.

When: Tuesday, February 28th 7pm to 9pm Community Livability Focus
            Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm to 9pm Education Focus
            The doors open at 6:30pm for both events

Where: For February 28th - 2nd floor of the Hagen Campus Center at Concordia University
             For March 22nd - Lobby of the George R. White Library & Learning Center at
                                  Concordia University

 NECN is currently soliciting community feedback on questions and topics for the candidates to address. Please send questions or topic ideas to or call 503.823.4575. We will be collecting and grouping all question and topic ideas and working with the event moderator to ask the candidates a wide range of questions about how they will work to promote thriving, livable communities for all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SGNA Feb. Board Meeting To Be Rescheduled

Please note: the regular date for this month's SGNA Board meeting is Valentine's Day and we're going to reschedule it, probably to the following week. We will post an announcement of the new date at:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dave Brook
SGNA Board President

Notes from the SGNA Board Retreat - February 11, 2012

(Editor's note: The annual SGNA Board Retreat replaced the normal Board meeting in February.  No business was transacted at the retreat so these notes simply reflect what emerged as priorities for  those attending the meeting for 2012.  Thanks to Shoshana Cohen and Katy Asher of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) for their able assistance during the retreat. - Dave Brook)

SGNA Retreat February 11, 2012 - Notes

Words/Phrases to Describe SGNA if it were wildly successful

  • Truly representative
  • Inclusive
  • Economically-sustainable community
  • Energizing and exciting
  • Realistic
  • Leader in community involvement
  • Powerful two-way communication
  • Celebrate diversity
Committee Activities and Ideas
Listed in order of priority/number of people interested in helping
P = number of priority dots, H = number of dots from people interested in helping
(Listed in general order of priority)

Land Use and Transportation
  • Broadway/Weidler Corridor – 4 P, 7 H
  • Safety crossing at 28th – 4 H
  • N/NE Quadrant SAC – 3 P, 1 H
  • Sullivan’s Gulch Trail – 3 P, 1 H
  • NECN Land Use and Transportation Committee  – 1 P, 1 H
  • NECN Community Economic Development Committee – 1 P, 1 H
  • Tree removal and zoning adjustment reviews
  • Parking study
  • Cross committee work with emergency preparedness
  • Holladay Park
  • Support to local businesses (coupons, etc.) – 4 P, 2 H
  • Gulch-O-Rama – 2 P, 3 H
  • Mulch in the Gulch – 2 P, 3 H
  • Neighborhood Night Out, 3 H
  • Clean-Ups – 1 P, 2 H
  • Gulch garage sale, 1 H
  • Neighborhood upkeep such as the overgrown sidewalk on NE 24th – 1 H
  • Leaf collection – 1 H
Garden Committee
  • Gulch garden/community garden – 3 P, 1 H
    • Community beds to share food
    • Beds for food programs
    • Collect food for NE Community food pantry
    • Room for gardeners $50 month for returning gardeners and $80/month for new gardeners
  • Chickens (need chicken keeper) - 1 H
  • Quarterly newsletter – 2 P, 2 H
  • Celly – 1 P, 3 H
  • Direct mailing of a calendar year of events – 2 P, 2 H
  • Outreach to people at Holladay Park Plaza – 2 P
    • Lew announcements
    • More newsletters to Holladay Park Plaza
    • Post agenda
  • Flyers in apartment buildings and businesses – 1 P, 1 H
  • Yard signs for events/issues – 1 P, 1 H
  • Synch activities and events – always the same time/date to make it easier to communicate – 1 P, 1 H
  • Canvassing – 1 P
  • Website – 1 year old, 5 members – want more members
  • Get content of meetings in advance for outgoing meeting announcements
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Local bulletin boards
  • Mock emergency – 2 P, 4 H
  • Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET) – outreach and management challenge – trying to get people to “get it” to do the basics – 2 P, 1 H
  • Preparations for other emergencies – 1 P, 2 H
  • Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM)/Fire and rescue/NET Training – 1 P, 1 H
  • Create blocks of neighbors working together – 2 H
  • NET Forums – Feb. 22 and 26 – 1 H
  • Monthly NET classes – attracting people -  1 H
  • Lloyd District Public Safety meetings – 1 H
  • More committee members – 1 H
  • NECN Safety and Livability Team (SALT)
  • Holladay Park
Board Administrative Work
  • Revise bylaws – 4 P, 1 H
  • SGNA board recruitment – 3 P, 3 H
  • Address board attendance – 3 P, 2 H
  • Consider the role of Holladay Park – 3 H, 1 P
  • Address term lengths – 2 H
  • Committee structure – 1 P, 1 H
  • General meeting times/recurrence 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

View of Sandy Blvd and 28th Ave. in 1947

Here's another interesting historical view of a piece of our neighborhood -- the intersection of Sandy and 28th Avenue in the upper left corner now. Today's U-Store facility was at one time the Doernbecher Furniture Manufacturing Company. This photo verifies it and gives a nice overall view of the plant, the 28th Avenue viaduct, and the surrounding neighborhoods on both sides of the Gulch. Courtesy ttp://

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help plan the future of the Lower Albina and Lloyd Districts!

Are you interested in issues affecting the Lower Albina, Rose Quarter and Lloyd District areas of the Central City? How about the I-5 freeway and how it relates to the area around the Broadway/Weidler interchange? Please join us at an open house for the N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans.

N/NE Quadrant Project Open House  Event Flyer
Thursday, February 2, 2012
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Lloyd Center Mall, NE 9
th & Multnomah
West end near Nordstrom
The Lloyd Center is accessible by the #8, 73, 70, or 77 buses and Blue, Green, and Red MAX lines. Free parking is available at the mall lots.

 After extensive public input, the project team and Stakeholder Advisory Committee have developed a draft proposed concept for future land use, urban design and local transportation in the area, as well as options for proposed improvements to the Broadway/Weidler freeway interchange. At the February 2nd open house, these concepts will be on display and City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation staff will be on hand to answer questions, receive public feedback and discuss the project. 

 Learn more about and comment on:

  • Future direction for land use and urban form
  • Street design and connectivity
  • New parks and open space
  • Ways to incorporate green infrastructure
  • Safety and operational improvements for the Broadway/Weidler freeway interchange

This is a great opportunity to weigh in on the draft proposals and let the Stakeholder Committee know what you think. We hope you join us!  Please help us get the word out by forwarding this invitation to others that might be interested

About the N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans

The N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans are collaborative efforts by the City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation to provide detailed planning for the Lower Albina and Lloyd District areas. It is part of Central City 2035, the City of Portland's effort to update the 1988 Central City Plan. Working jointly with ODOT, this project will also recommend potential I-5 freeway and local transportation improvements near the Broadway/Weidler interchange.

For more information about the N/NE Quadrant Project, visit the project website: or call Karl Lisle (503-823-4286) or Stephanie Beckman (503-823-6042). We will make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Please notify us no fewer than five (5) business days prior to the event by phone 503-823-7700, by the TTY line at 503-823-6868 or by the Oregon Relay Service at 1-800-735-2900.