Wednesday, January 25, 2012

View of Sandy Blvd and 28th Ave. in 1947

Here's another interesting historical view of a piece of our neighborhood -- the intersection of Sandy and 28th Avenue in the upper left corner now. Today's U-Store facility was at one time the Doernbecher Furniture Manufacturing Company. This photo verifies it and gives a nice overall view of the plant, the 28th Avenue viaduct, and the surrounding neighborhoods on both sides of the Gulch. Courtesy ttp://

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Help plan the future of the Lower Albina and Lloyd Districts!

Are you interested in issues affecting the Lower Albina, Rose Quarter and Lloyd District areas of the Central City? How about the I-5 freeway and how it relates to the area around the Broadway/Weidler interchange? Please join us at an open house for the N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans.

N/NE Quadrant Project Open House  Event Flyer
Thursday, February 2, 2012
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Lloyd Center Mall, NE 9
th & Multnomah
West end near Nordstrom
The Lloyd Center is accessible by the #8, 73, 70, or 77 buses and Blue, Green, and Red MAX lines. Free parking is available at the mall lots.

 After extensive public input, the project team and Stakeholder Advisory Committee have developed a draft proposed concept for future land use, urban design and local transportation in the area, as well as options for proposed improvements to the Broadway/Weidler freeway interchange. At the February 2nd open house, these concepts will be on display and City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation staff will be on hand to answer questions, receive public feedback and discuss the project. 

 Learn more about and comment on:

  • Future direction for land use and urban form
  • Street design and connectivity
  • New parks and open space
  • Ways to incorporate green infrastructure
  • Safety and operational improvements for the Broadway/Weidler freeway interchange

This is a great opportunity to weigh in on the draft proposals and let the Stakeholder Committee know what you think. We hope you join us!  Please help us get the word out by forwarding this invitation to others that might be interested

About the N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans

The N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans are collaborative efforts by the City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation to provide detailed planning for the Lower Albina and Lloyd District areas. It is part of Central City 2035, the City of Portland's effort to update the 1988 Central City Plan. Working jointly with ODOT, this project will also recommend potential I-5 freeway and local transportation improvements near the Broadway/Weidler interchange.

For more information about the N/NE Quadrant Project, visit the project website: or call Karl Lisle (503-823-4286) or Stephanie Beckman (503-823-6042). We will make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Please notify us no fewer than five (5) business days prior to the event by phone 503-823-7700, by the TTY line at 503-823-6868 or by the Oregon Relay Service at 1-800-735-2900.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fwd: Exploring Economic Development: Wed, Feb 1st, 6:30-9pm, St. Andrews Kiernan Community Center

Come hear more about how current state, regional and city policies shape neighborhood-level economic development! 

The Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods' Community Economic Development Council (CEDC) is pleased to announce and invite you to their second event in a Speakers Series. Exploring Economic Development is a opportunity to understand the policies and influences of neighborhood economic development.

Panelists will address how current governmental policies and programs set the stage for community work and translate into community benefits. Panel Speakers include: 

- Karen Wilde Goddin, Managing Director of the Business, Innovation and Trade Division, Oregon Business Development Department

- Charles A. Wilhoite, Commissioner, Portland Development Commission and Managing Director, Willamette Management Associates.

- John R. Williams, Deputy Director - Planning and Development, Metro

- Rey EspaƱa, Director of Community Development, Native American Youth and Family Center
Q & A will follow panel presentations. 

Please join us on Wed. February 1st at 6:30pm for networking and refreshments and from 7pm -9pm for the program. The event will be held at the Kiernan Community Center at St Andrew Catholic Church 806 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211-4530.

For more info, see our facebook event page (link below) or visit our website: or call 503.823.4575

Hope you can join us for the evening! Please feel free to share this invitation with your networks.



Paige S. Coleman, MBA

Executive Director

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, a non-profit organization building livable N/NE Portland neighborhoods through highly-inclusive civic engagement connecting neighbors, community and meaningful initiatives!

4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211 (located at the King Neighborhood Facility/King School)

503.823.4575 main  .  503.823.3151 direct  .  503.823.3150 fax  .  .

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Fwd: Candidates' Forum on Housing - this Monday

Crisp White Newsletter

Portland Mayor Candidates' Forum
Monday, January 23rd
First Unitarian Church
1101 SW 12th Ave

Come and hear the mayoral candidates discuss homelessness and housing issues this coming Monday.  Click here for more info.

Sponsored by

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Community Forum on City Council Candidates Skills and Abilities on Jan. 19!

  Portland voters deserve to know whether Mayoral and City Council candidates have the skills, temperament, and wisdom to serve our community effectively if we elect them.   Join other Portlanders for a unique community forum in which community members will share their experiences working with City Council members and use this information to identify the skills and abilities we want and need in our elected city leaders.   A wide range of community and neighborhood organizations have joined together to sponsor this forum. The forum co-sponsors will use the input from the forum to develop a list of desired skills and sample questions community organizations and individual voters can use to help them evaluate Mayoral and City Council candidates.  

Help to identify the skills and abilities community members want in Portland' s Mayoral and City Council candidates. Bring your experiences and ideas, and join us on: Thursday, January 19, 2012. 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  At St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, Carvlin Hall 2408 SE 16th(& Division).

Parking available. Transit:  On the #4 Bus Line  

Forum co-sponsor organizations:

Center for Intercultural Organizing
Coalition for a Livable Future
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
Latino Network
Native American Youth and Family Center
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
League of Women Voters of Portland
Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition
Urban League of Portland

For more information:Mary McWilliams, president, League of Women Voters of Portland 503-228-1675, Anne Dufay, executive director, Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition 503-232-0010, Ext 311;

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mayor & City Council Candidate Forums set for Feb 28 & March 22

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is joining Concordia University to co-sponsor two forums for the upcoming Mayoral and City Council elections. The first will be held on February 28th and will be focused on community and neighborhood livability issues such as access to transportation, green space, food, jobs, safety, etc. The second will be on March 22nd, and focus exclusively on education, from Pre-K through to higher ed. Both forums will be held in the evening at Concordia University and exact time and location will be provided as the dates get closer.

NECN is interested in specific questions and issues you may want to pose to candidates. Please submit them to:
Shoshana Cohen at:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SGNA Board Meeting — January 10, 2012


Board:  Britt, Lew, Jackleen, Dan, Stephan, Kari, Carol, Chris, Brenn

Others:  Lee, Shoshana, Teresa (new to Gulch), Marcelo, Officers Anderson and McCalister, PDX Police Dept.

-Officers update:  Theft not up from last year.  Cars getting stolen at theatre and dumped in the Gulch. A couple of pedestrian robberies by Safeway.  Transients have seemingly been pushed downtown and are not being seen so much in our area.  Albina fuel property is being patrolled and when they are arrested, they are released in 4 hours and right back.

-Approved Minutes from last month. 

-66 people were cited and 44 cars were towed (tow pick up is $165 if within 1 hour and $250 after that).  Debate about why the vote was to tow rather than give warnings.  Resident,  Marcelo was here, upset about being towed, even though his car was not working at the time and he has no trees on his property.  Question from him is "Will the Board write a letter of support for him at the court date?"  Chris motioned that a letter from the Board will be written, Carol seconds the letter, Kari asks "therefore we are to write letters for the other 43 residents?"  Britt agrees, yet states non of the others' have come forward.  Letter, to ask the Judge to forgive all or part of the towing fine due to his financial hardship.  5 in favor, 1 opposed, 4 sustaining.

-Treasurer's Report:  $5,005.98 current balance  
Britt appreciates Kari prudence in applying dollars during last meeting and how valuable her thoughts and statements are to the board.

-Safety:  Brenn stated that the next emergency preparedness meeting will be January 19th, 6:30-8 at Brenn's Blend Studio in the Lloyd Center.

-Communications:  Chris would like someone to volunteer to take over the newsletter

-Lifestyles:  Stephan says nothing much going on until spring and summer.
Dan asked about Stephan amping up the soup nights and making them more often.  Stephan reminded everyone of the Soup night coordinator asking that the SGNA remain separate from the soupnight gatherings last year.

-Trail News:  Senior Center from 6-8pm January 11th.  Maps, presentations, and more.  Dan said that Brad Perkins, representing the Trail Committee, would like a letter from our board (and Irvington N.A. as well) supporting the trail and also a letter to PDC to assign any available funding to the process of the trail in their District.  Kari suggests that the letter be from Dan's perspective and his agenda, rather than Brad's.  Dan will write a letter and submit to our Board for acceptance regarding said issues.

-Land Use:  Fred Meyer remodel and Wasco/28th crossing.  We don't have a slam dunk from PDOT to have them impose the upgrading of crossing on Fred Meyer, but do have enough information to go to Fred Meyer and continue the request.  Federal Consumer Safety standards will be met on the playground upgrades being done by Fred Meyer on their playground.

N-NE Quadrant, talking with NEBBA and NECN about setting up a meeting with the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the area regarding setting perimeters and discussing the vision for the corridor and the future of the area and what the possibilities are.

KAL Properties still overseas the Albina property.  Britt suggests its simply lying dormant until the time that its ready for use.  TriMet using it for a MAX stop will be costly for them due to the need for multi level building and elevators.

Parking Permit district information.  3 different alternatives for the parking permit district.  A study must be done to examine the necessity for and the boundary possibilities.  Once a boundary is approved, 50% of the residents would have to sign on and say they want it, then the application goes to the city/PDOT and they make final decision to move forward o not.  If the TriMet fare less square goes away there is no need for the parking permits aren't needed.  The 3 Options, 41-48-52 block faces for the parking boundaries will be emailed to the Board.  There is concern that a study was done in the neighborhood to survey the impact of those parking in our neighborhoods then riding MAX in the free zone.  Chris gave Britt Will Elder's number to contact him and find out where that study is. Britt asked that the Board support he and Carol is sending the information forward to Murray and NEBBA to get their feedback on the possibilities.  All agreed.

-NECN:  Solar panels for homes will be bought in bulk and the information will be available on the NECN website.  January 19th committee meeting.  Economic Development Forums are coming up February 1 is on High Level Development.  April 3 is on small organizations and economic development.  May 1is a workshop style event to discuss what is going on in individual communities.  Candidate Forums coming up, and dates are posted on NECN website.  Shoshana requested that board members email her with any questions, suggestions, or personal experiences regarding Solarize or the above.  

New Seasons on Fremont, part of the old Wonder Bread site, will have their pre-application conference in a week.  It will take sometime before they can break ground.

-Board Member Retreat:  February 11th, 2-6pm, 15-16 people, Stephan has accepted responsibility to plan and coordinate location and food, Linda has volunteered to assist.  Lew will check on possible rooms at Holladay.  Shoshana will provide discussion questions and meeting planning to Britt.                                                                                                                                   
-Brenn asked if anyone had any ideas for the Secretarial position.  No one had an answer.  A motion was made to elect Brenn to Secretary, second, and third, she declined.                                         
Comments and corrections to these minutes should be addressed within 24 hours of this email.  Otherwise, the content stands until approved or amended at the next official meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 9:13pm.

SGNA Community Board Meeting Tonight!

  1. Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association
    Tentative Agenda for Board Meeting Tuesday, January, 10 2012

    1. Welcome to Board Members, Neighbors and Guests - introductions.
  2. Agenda - review of and additions to Agenda
  3. Meeting Minutes - review of, comments regarding, and acceptance of previous meeting's'' minutes.
  4. Consideration of Visitor's reports - Portland Police, etc.
  5. Leaf collection & towing
  6. - discussion, recount of experience
  7. - invitation to City representative to speak
  8. - Complaints from neighbors
  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Safety and Emergency Preparedness Report
  3. Report - Pending SGNA Grant Proposals, and Upcoming Potential Grant Proposals
  4. LUPC Report 
  5. - progress report - Permit Parking District, presentation of proposed boundaries
  6. - progress report - 28th AVenue Crossing/Fred Meyer Re-model
  7. - suggest possible topic would be joint meeting with NEBBA and Irvington Land  Use
  8. - discussion regarding community input on Broadway/Weidler land use and pedestrian improvements (Charrette?)
  1. Communications - discussion of suggestions for next year for publicity, announcements, participation, etc.
  2. Planning for the Board Retreat
- Appoint committee to plan event
- Possibility of using Garden Room at Holladay Park Plaza;
- Suggestion for meeting at local restaurant for a morning or afternoon
- NECN Support 
- Shoshanna Cohen has offered to help us define the goals/agenda
- hire a facilitator thru the neighborhood mediation group (possibly $250 expense)
- Possible goals for the retreat - 
- get better acquainted with each Board member
- review of basic operating procedures of Board and Committees
- review overall goal of SGNA (neighborhood livability)
- define what we're doing to help achieve it
- identify each Board members interest/passion about the Gulch
  1. Agenda - review of items added at beginning of meeting
    - First notice on setting Spring General Meeting date and agenda
  2. Concluding Comments
  3. Adjourn