Sunday, May 20, 2012

Village Building Convergence 2012 - Here it comes!


Become a villager once again at this year's Village Building Convergence! 

By bike or mass transit, people are converging once again!!! This is when Portlanders come out into the streets to re-create the neighborhoods that they live in, so that people make new places and new friends as they learn, step by step, how to transform the world right where they live! Come see more than 40 Portland communities working all at the same time, across the city!

It could end up being the time of your life, in which you gain a new sense of power for yourself and with more people than you ever even knew before. By, for, and of our beloved city!


There will be almost a dozen street intersections transformed into community gathering places, many schools activated to bring children together with local resident communities, and many more visionary businesses and communities that are also initiating projects and processes for beneficial change! Let's GO!


There will be all kinds of project types and methods, many including natural building, public art, permaculture projects at all scales, urban design, community democracy, and tons of hands-on, educational workshops!


Evening Speakers this year will include:


·         Oliver Kelhammer, One of Canada's leading Permaculture teachers and an urban art insurgent!

·         Jenny Pell, International Permaculture Designer and NW Region Teacher!

·         Ianto Evans, "Father of Natural Building" in North America!

·         Nance Klehm, Greywater, Water Catchment, Humanure & Soil Building Teacher!

·         Mark LakemanInventor of the T-Horse, City Repair Co-Founder!

·         StarhawkAuthor, Permaculture Teacher, Witch, & International Activista!

·         Nala Walla, Body Ecologist & Permaculture Teacher!

·         Eva Edleston & Molly Murphy, FireSpeaking & The Mudgirls!

·         Paul Cienfuegos, Democracy Activist to End Corporate Dominance!

·         Marc Tobin, Village Leader & Designer, Former Exec at Lost Valley Educational Center!

·         Karen Hery, Inventor of Portland's Acclaimed Sunnyside Swap Shop and many more!


This VBC will be a 10 day hands-on event when thousands of people will live as sustainable urban Villagers once more! 


In every quadrant of the city, communities will be working together to directly transform the spaces where they live into ecological and sacred places that express creative and democratic participation.

Please let us know if you want to come and join us for the Village Building Convergence of 2012, May 25 to June 3!

If you have not yet heard of the VBC, please go to, where you will also find a registration form for the event, or call 503-235-8946 
to learn more.

VBC12 Sponsors Include: The Portland Bureau of Transportation,  the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, and the Bureau of Environmental Services, as well as Metro Regional Government, Communitecture, Inc, The Rebuilding Center, KBOO Community Radio, People's Food COOP, M Realty, Hankins Hardware, Barrett Ecological Services, Rising Vision LLC, and Portland's ReDirect Guide.

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