Friday, April 20, 2012

Gulch Vision Question 2: Do you feel like there is anything missing from the neighborhood that you would like to see?

(This could include businesses on Broadway - Weidler.)  Click on Comments below to post your response.


  1. central (or more than one) meeting places
    e.g., even just intersections with street paintings and benches - like Sunnyside and other neighborhoods have done. perhaps one east and one west of 21st

  2. Concur with Anonymous - On Broadway/Weidler, more street furniture, artsy touches, and generally things that make pedestrians welcome. Given the width of broadway, it sometimes seems like pedestrians are an afterthought.

    Also, as a twentysomething in the neighborhood, I would LOVE a good dive bar. We have plenty of decent bars, but a nice cheap neighborhood place in walking distance would be superb.

  3. A traditional hardware store maybe? Because the Fred Meyer store leaves something to be desired in that department! But what we want is to keep brilliantly local yet international places like Costellos cafe on Broadway. LOVE that place and people must support the places they value.