Thursday, February 16, 2012

Changes in Gulch Bus Service Ahead

You may be aware that Trimet is struggling to deal with a huge budget crisis.  They've proposed upping fares (to $2.50) and requiring a separate fare for a return trip, (even if within the time period). They've proposed ending Free Rail Zone completely.  And they've also proposed restructuring some of routes and service levels, including several lines in NE that serve the Gulch.  

For some people the change in routes might not be as big a change as the fact that buses would no longer go directly downtown but stop at Rose Quarter and require a transfer.

Excellent, although somewhat wonky, discussions of these changes can be found on here and here.

The SGNA Land Use Committee, which also deals with transportation issues, is interested in your views.  Please comment below or let a Board member know your views.  

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