Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SGNA Community Board Meeting Tuesday, January 10th

  1. Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association
    Tentative Agenda for Board Meeting Tuesday, January, 10 2012

    1. Welcome to Board Members, Neighbors and Guests - introductions.
  2. Agenda - review of and additions to Agenda
  3. Meeting Minutes - review of, comments regarding, and acceptance of previous meeting's'' minutes.
  4. Consideration of Visitor's reports - Portland Police, etc.
  5. Leaf collection & towing
  6. - discussion, recount of experience
  7. - invitation to City representative to speak
  8. - Complaints from neighbors
  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Safety and Emergency Preparedness Report
  3. Report - Pending SGNA Grant Proposals, and Upcoming Potential Grant Proposals
  4. LUPC Report 
  5. - progress report - Permit Parking District, presentation of proposed boundaries
  6. - progress report - 28th AVenue Crossing/Fred Meyer Re-model
  7. - suggest possible topic would be joint meeting with NEBBA and Irvington Land Use
  8. - discussion regarding community input on Broadway/Weidler land use and pedestrian improvements (Charrette?)
  1. Communications - discussion of suggestions for next year for publicity, announcements, participation, etc.
  2. Planning for the Board Retreat
- Appoint committee to plan event
- Possibility of using Garden Room at Holladay Park Plaza;
- Suggestion for meeting at local restaurant for a morning or afternoon
- NECN Support 
- Shoshanna Cohen has offered to help us define the goals/agenda
- hire a facilitator thru the neighborhood mediation group (possibly $250 expense)
- Possible goals for the retreat - 
- get better acquainted with each Board member
- review of basic operating procedures of Board and Committees
- review overall goal of SGNA (neighborhood livability)
- define what we're doing to help achieve it
- identify each Board members interest/passion about the Gulch
  1. Agenda - review of items added at beginning of meeting
    - First notice on setting Spring General Meeting date and agenda
  2. Concluding Comments
  3. Adjourn

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