Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Your views needed on the future of NE Multnomah

As we've reported earlier, the City of Portland is reviewing the zoning in close-in areas of Lloyd District and has added special consideration of the long block on the south side of NE Multnomah between 16th and 21st (currently Residence Inn, apartments and houses); as well as consideration of Holladay Park (jointly in the boundaries of both Sullivan's Gulch and Lloyd District).

The next regular meeting of the Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association Land Use Planning Committee (first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM) will be an important one to get community opinions about the
September 6, 2011
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where: Holladay Park Plaza Retirement Community
1300 NE 16th Avenue
Agenda: The City of Portland Planning our future with the N/NE Quadrant Project

We will be touching on a few areas:

-The Broadway/Weidler Corridor
-Property development considerations at SW corner of
NE 21st and NE Multnomah

We need your input and perspective.  Please come and participate.  Our neighbors and t he owners of the property at 21st and Multnomah (west side) will be there, as well.  We will have maps, planning info at the meeting.  If you can't make it, there will be information about the project at Gulch-o-rama.  Hope to see you there.

Brittain Brewer

M 503.309.1675

Friday, August 26, 2011

GULCH-O-RAMA is coming!

The 6th annual GULCH-O-RAMA, your community’s annual celebration of this fabulous urban village, will be on Saturday September 10th from 4-9 pm on 24th and Clackamas.

This year, in addition to the music and food, vendors and artists, Suliivan’s Gulch Neighborhood Association presents Circus Cascadia, an interactive circus experience where children and adults can try all kinds of circus equipment and skills. Try something new yourself or just enjoy watching others learn new things from this joyful group of circus professionals

They'll teach you...
Chinese Ribbons, Pole Balancing, Plate Spinning
Stilt Walking, Walking Ball, Rolla Bolas
Unicycling, Devil Stick, Clowning, Juggling, & Diabolo

GULCH-O-RAMA Schedule of Events
3:00 - PARADE
Kids gather at 24th and Clackamas to Parade through the Gulch drawing people back to 24th and Clackamas

Sullivan’s Gulp with free samples of local delicacies
Vendors, Artists and community organizations
Raffle drawing every hour


4:30-6:00 - Local musical talent

5:00 - Potluck Dinner - SGNA is providing the entree, Gulchers do the rest!
Water provided free, pop is $.50 a pop!

6:00 – 9:00 - Music a plenty!

Gulch-O-Rama Challenge to Hold-Outs

This year’s Gulch-O-Rama is hoping to draw the largest number of gulch residents that have never before come to a community event. If you are new to the neighborhood or just never dared to come before., whether your rent or own, we want you to come and get your Gulch on.

If you have been to Gulch-O-Rama before but know neighbors who have not, bring them with you and introduce them at the welcome table and get a free raffle ticket.

If you have never come to a Gulch-O-Rama before, your name will be entered into a special raffle drawing when you introduce yourself at the welcome table.

Artists invited to display and sell work at Gulch-O-Rama
Any artists or craftsperson who would like to set up a table at the Gulch-O-Rama event on September 11th should bring their own table to set up between 2 and 4 pm on the day. Spaces will be assigned first come first served.
If you are a local artist(jewelry, glass art, etc...) and are interested in a booth, please contact Stephen at 971-227-2800 or email to furiousbears@yahoo.com.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Illegal Dumping? Call Metro's RID Patrol

It's unsightly, dirty and dangerous. It can harm water ways and wildlife when improperly disposed.  It's the mass of tires, garbage, old furniture, and even worse stuff that’s illegally dumped along public property, parks, streets and streams. And Metro's Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Patrol wants your help.

(If the illegal dumping is on your property, it's your responsibility, sorry... - editor)

RID Patrol and local governments help clean up public property and handle investigations and prosecutions of illegal dumping on public and private sites within the Metro region. The program monitors and cleans up chronic dumps and quickly responds to new illegal dumps.  The program makes a difference in helping prevent repeat incidents, minimize environmental damage and reduce visual blight or health hazards.  

Community participation makes a difference. RID Patrol each year cleans up more than 2,000 illegal dump sites, and the public can help by using licensed haulers for your waste disposal and reporting dumps before they grow. It's easy: Call RID Patrol at 503-234-3000, send e-mail to ridpatrol@oregonmetro.gov or report an illegal dump site online at www.oregonmetro.gov/ridpatrol.

City seeking your input on east-side planning and transportation

The city Portland is working on a vision for the planning and zoning of "central city" on the east side of river - including the area around the Rose Quarter and Lloyd Districts.   A little sliver of Sullivan's Gulch is included in the study - the south side of Multnomah from NE 16th to 21st. Ave. - the Residence Inn property, a garden apartment, several single family homes and the vacant area along NE 21st (it's the orange dotted lines on the right edge of the map.

Even though only a small part of the study area is actually in our boundaries, the impact of development next door in Lloyd District, as well as traffic on Broadway and Weidler will have definite impacts on our livability.

Some of the questions the city is interested in hearing about include:
  • What type of development should be encouraged around Holladay Park (such as redevelopment of Lloyd Cinema and adjacent parking lot)? 
  • What type of design or programming changes could be made to Holladay Park to improve safety and user experience?
  • What type of uses are appropriate at 21st and Multnomah (west side)?  What scale of buildings should be allowed?
The Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee is also participating in this process, particularly about the section of the neighborhood that's included in the study.  The SGNA Land Use Committee is planning a special meeting for neighbors to discuss this section in detail.  Watch for an announcement here or contact c0-chair Carol Gossett after taking a look at the materials referenced below. 

These areas have been the subject of intense planning and analysis as well as work with the community for many months now. Based on ideas captured at previous events and meetings, the N/NE Quadrant project team has prepared draft concepts for how the quadrant area could develop over time. 

Gulcher now have an opportunity to provide more detailed feedback on the direction of the N/ NE Quadrant and eight subareas (e.g., Historic Russell Street, Rose Quarter and Lloyd District) through a series of surveys. The quadrant-wide survey seeks feedback on how the N/NE Quadrant could develop as a whole, and the subarea surveys will help the project team work out details of smaller geographic areas.

The public is invited to review the Concept Alternatives Workbook, then take the online surveys to comment. It may be helpful to reference the workbook while taking the surveys. Comments will be used by the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and project team to inform upcoming decisions this fall.   The Gulch area being studied is section 6a,  the last page of the workbook.  There's a separate survey just for the area of the Gulch included - section 6a

More about the land use, urban design and transportation design proposals for N/NE Quadrant
Ideas for the concepts were drawn from a number of sources, including examining existing conditions; identifying issues, opportunities and constraints; Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Subcommittee meetings; and the Local Issues Charrette (February 2011).

The quadrant-wide concept alternatives display existing conditions and concepts based broadly on three potential future land use patterns:  
  1. Residential;
  2. Employment; and
  3. Residential/employment blend.
Each concept alternative is further illustrated with three related infrastructure systems:  
  1. Mobility;
  2. Open space; and
  3. Green systems.
The subarea choices highlight key land use, urban design and local transportation choices for the N/NE Quadrant subareas. Also included are maps and background information for these smaller geographic areas, with questions specific to each one. The subarea choices and issues will inform the refinement of the quadrant-wide concept alternatives (and vice versa), assist in developing a preferred concept, and provide guidance for more focused plan proposals at the subarea level.

For more information about the N/NE Quadrant Project or the survey, please contact Stephanie Beckman at 503-823-6042 or Stephanie.beckman@portlandoregon.gov. 
For more information visit the project website:www.portlandonline.com/bps/cc2035/nneq  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SGNA Community Board Meeting this Tuesday!

Hi Gulchers. The SGNA August Community Board meeting is upon us. Join your friends and neighbor next Tuesday, August 9th at 7:30 p.m. in the Club Room of Holladay Park Plaza(the residential tower at NE 16th & NE Multnomah). 

 Come learn what your SGNA community committees have been up to this summer and what they have planned for the future. Gulch-O-Rama and Sullivan's Gulp are right around the corner. Get in on the planning by coming Tuesday. Home baked goodies served, come one and all!