Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trash Bash a Smashing Success!

Thanks to everyone (and the weather) for another successful Trash
Bash. In spite of my early concerns, there was no shortage of
volunteers at 9 o'clock on Saturday. The cars and trucks and walk
ups (roll ups) just kept coming.

We topped off the second dumpster of general trash right at 1 pm, as
Cloudburst arrived to take it away. Gretchen took 2 loads of paint,
pesticide, batteries and fluorescent lamps to Metro; Darren took 2+
loads of e-waste to Free Geek and I (will take) more than 2 loads of
styrofoam to Total Reclaim on Monday.

Preliminary tally is 66 people taking advantage of the clean up, some
with several loads; John Maher the metal guy really scored this year
filling up both his trucks with appliances and all sort of scrap
metal. A surprising number (26) of CRT computer monitors came in
this year as well as lots of "tower" style CPU computers. We filled
4 roller carts for paper shredding, handled by AccuShred NW.

We collected just over $1,000 and have paid some of that to Free Geek
to handle the e-waste and will pay AccuShred NW for shredding the
paper, as well.

Thanks to Chris Lopez and the sign crew for the posting the signs
at so many the street corners in the 'hood. They certainly
contributed to the high turn out.

Thanks to event volunteer this year: Chuck Hudson, George Carlson,
Dan Lerch-Walters, Stephen Chase, Chris Lopez, Nicolai Nyschins,
Gretchen Dan Delany, Milhaupt and Satomi for their time and effort
making this year's trash bash another smooth-running success. And,
of course, thanks to Holladay Park Plaza for use of their parking lot.

- Dave Brook

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sullivan's Gulch 'Trash Bash' – Sat., April 9th

The annual SGNA Neighborhood Trash Bash (clean up) will be Saturday, April 9 from 9 am to 1 pm at its traditional location - the parking lot behind Holladay Park Plaza at the corner of NE 17th at Wasco Streets.

This is your chance to clean out your basement, garage and office and dispose of things easily and properly. And we need the assistance of few hearty souls to help unload vehicles, handle traffice, etc.

There are two big changes in SGNA's Trash Bash this year

• We will not accept yard debris. We got less than 1/4 dumpster full last year, so the large roller carts in the curbside program are doing their job.

• We are offering paper shredding of documents (see below).

For general waste, the charge will be $10 per car and $20 per pickup truck load. This is for personal quantities - not waste from an extensive remodeling project. In addition, several of your neighbors have volunteered to handle hard to recycle items, for which there will be a minimal charge. This is fund-raiser for the neighborhood association, so we hope you'll clean out your basement or garage and give generously when you come to the event.

What's accepted?

Household trash - All that stuff that isn’t usable and won’t fit in your trash can! Stumps 12-18 inches in diameter can be included (larger stumps are a no-no — cut 'em up, please).

Metals — As in previous years, John Maher will be taking care of the metals recycling. steel, brass, bronze and aluminum, including appliances are fine. Let us know if you have an appliance that needs picking up at your house. If you need in home pick up on an appliance, please call John on the day of the event at: 503-799-7158

Paper shredding — Additional $. We’re trying this out to see what the response will be. Charges will be $5 per “bankers box” (cardboard file box) on a sliding scale down to $1 minimum charge for 2” of paper. Thanks to Accushred NW for their assistance.

Hard styrofoam — including molded packaging and plastic packing "peanuts"; must be clean. We will take them to ReCology, 4044 North Suttle Road, Portland, 503-285-8777

Auto Tires — Yes; Additional $.

Flashlight batteries — Yes!

Fluorescent lamps (unbroken) — Yes. Dave Brook will take these both to Metro Transfer station.

Paints and pesticides — limit 5 medium size containers

Electronic waste — Additional $. We will take TVs, radios, computers, printers, monitors, cell phones etc. to Free Geek.
A list of suggested donations for these special items will be posted on the SGNA blog and available on the day of the event. For info on recycling e-waste please email Darren Knittle at

As in the past, we will not recycle any items included in the curbside recycling program. This year's event is sponsored by City of Portland and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods. If you'd like to volunteer on the day of the event or for general information contact Dave Brook at 503-313-1320 or

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gulch Community Gardens Needs Your Help!

Hi Gulchers,

Thank you for the wonderful response to our request for more Gulch Gardeners this year. We have collected enough money to pay for soil and wood for several more beds. Ed Wagner, a local contractor has been kind enough to pick up and deliver soil to us for the last 2 years and will bring us about 3 1/2 yards this Saturday morning.

We'll need some help to get the soil from the parking lot below, up to the garden. In the past we've put the soil in buckets and carried it up the steps to a wheelbarrow. With enough people to help we probably can form an assembly line and get it done tout de suite!

The soil should arrive between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. We welcome any help. We need people to shovel and people to carry. School-aged kids are welcome to help.

If you can bring 5 gallon buckets( smaller ok too), shovels, wheelbarrows or wagons, please do. It is good to have a pair of gloves too.

We must move the soil out of the parking lot as quickly as possible - at least by the end of the week. If you can't make it Saturday but can help on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, e-mail me and let me know times and I will meet you there.

If it is raining hard, we will cover the soil and wait until it is drier. If it is only sprinkling we will go ahead.

I know some people have health limitations and can not lift but perhaps you can stop by and lend a shovel or bucket.

If you live close--by and want to bring a pot of coffee that would be nice.

Thanks again for wanting to be part of the Gulch Garden. Call me at 503-317-0118 with any questions.


Linda McDowell

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sullivan's Gulch Community Gardens!

Community Garden Now in the Gulch
This summer why not grow some food for homeless programs, including the Peace house weekly meal at Sunnyside United Methodist Church in SE and for yourself, as well?
Linda McDowell, working with our neighbors American Property Management, has set up a fenced garden plot with almost 30 raised beds behind the houses at NE 25th and Multnomah.
Last year the group grew tomatoes broccoli beans peas zucchini carrots cucumbers to contribute to the homeless project. And they’re fortunate to have their own beehive for honey.

The community planting beds cost $40 for the season and include water. People working on the community garden can get additional space to grow their own food. All money goes to the upkeep and expansion of the garden.
The garden is generally open during the day and is behind gate. Since the garden is directly behind some homes, the group requests, no dogs or very young children while gardening.
Come join us tomorrow, Saturday March 19th at 10:00 a.m.

For more information, contact Linda McDowell at 503-317-0118 or