Friday, January 28, 2011

SALT Talks -- Sharing the Road: People on the Move

Sharing the Road: People on the Move | A Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Safety and Livabilty Team Roundtable

On January 31, 2011 speakers from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Willamette Pedestrian Coalition and Portland’s Office of Transportation will address safety strategies for people who walk, bike and drive. Transportation safety affects inner-north and northeast Portland residents of all backgrounds. Underlying cultural tensions exist in conversations about transportation and the profiles of different types of commuters. This event provides a forum for neighbors to hear perspectives from multi-modal transit users, researchers and city planners and discuss the ways in which our City’s different transportation needs connect.
Speakers include:
Carl “Super-Commuter” Larson from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance will provide perspective as someone who uses multiple modes of transportation on a daily basis
Steph Routh from the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition discusses a recently published report on the main safety issues facing pedestrians and what can be done to make walking safe for everyone
Greg Raisman from Portland’s Office of Transportation discusses the City’s plans to combine safety with community development through a series of transportation “Greenways”

Sharing the Road: People on the Move
January 31st, 2011, 7-9pm
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN)
At the King Facility
4815 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97211

RSVPs are encouraged. 503.823.4135 or

Friday, January 14, 2011

Safety, Preparedness & Block Captains in the Gulch

by Gretchen Milhaupt
SGNA Safety & Preparedness Committee Chair

There are so many opportunities to DO something in Sullivan’s Gulch! Do it at the true GRASS ROOTS level. One way to get started is to become a Block Captain. This is a rather loosely defined community activity primarily for the purpose of COMMUNICATING with our immediate neighbors. We need distributors of this very newsletter. And BC’s can help with information if a disaster strikes, or information about being prepared for an emergency. Also spreading the word about opportunities when we have the Trash Bash, the Garage Sale and Gulch-O-Rama too. The SGNA Board envisions a Block Captain for each of our approximately 50 BLOCKS. We now have about 12 active Block Captains and we would like to find more interested neighbors to join us. In January we will have a planning/training for about two hours on a Saturday morning or a weekday evening. It would be great to have MORE GULCHER’S join this program.

ICE STORM READY???????????? In Portland, we rarely have the electricity out for any length of time, but it could happen! Are you prepared to get by for 3-5 days, maybe even a week without electricity? Consider storing drinking water, and canned goods like beans, tuna, soup, dry beans and rice. A can opener is always good too! For many more ideas about preparedness and how to make a plan for your family, check out:

The Portland Fire Department offers to ANY PORTLAND RESIDENT age 14 and up, great emergency training, however you must send a message in to them at: www.pdxprepared.NET and then they will let you know when the next training will be. It’s 8 weeks, either in fall or spring. This training is vital to our neighborhood safety and we do not have enough people who have done it. Best of all: it’s FREE!

Any Gulcher who wants to get involved with our Safety, Preparedness and Block Captain committee can contact me at:

Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Agenda for Tuesday Jan. 11, 2011 SGNA Meeting

Agenda for Tuesday January 11. 2011's SGNA Community Board Meeting at Holladay Park Plaza, NE 16th & Multnomah. 7:30-9:00pm

7:30 Introductions by Craig Nyschens, Chair


Approve minutes from December’s meeting

Vote on joining Irvington Neighborhood Assn. to apply for Tax ID status for Urban Renewal District

Vote on whether to support Alliance for Democracy’s petition to Restore Democracy by Abolishing Corporate Personhood


7:45 to 8:15 Guest Speaker: Peter Fry (who represents the Arntson Family) will update information about The Albina Fuel Property including future plans.


Communications: Chris Lopez

Land Use: Will Elder

Lifestyles: Steven Chase

Safety & Preparedness: Gretchen Milhaupt