Sunday, June 27, 2010

NECN Public Safety Roundtable - June 29

The Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is hosting a N/NE Public Safety Roundtable on June 29th. All Sullivan's Gulch residents are invited to join a discussion about what public safety is and how we can address the variety of public safety issues in our neighborhoods. Presentation or discussion topics to include:

-Crime Prevention Resources
-Food Security
-Air Quality and Environmental Health
-Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams
-Community Policing

When: Tuesday, June 29th from 6pm to 8pm
Where: Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, 4815 NE 7th Ave.
Please RSVP: 503-823-4575 or

Monday, June 14, 2010

Your SGNA Board of Directors (Updated)


Craig Nyschens, Chairperson 503 335-7018

Gretchen Milhaupt, Secretary & Emergency Preparedness Chair 503 287-7813

Kari LaForge, Treasurer 503 422-2936

Will Elder, Land Use & Transpotation Committee Chair 503 317-4821

Chris Lopez, Communication Committee Chair 503-290-6871

Dan Lerch-Walter 503 284-7605

Adam Capage 503 284-6952

Allen Shroeder 503 280-2324

Mike Mutschler 503 241-7360

Stephen Chase 971 227-2800

Darren Knittle 503 280-0326

Pam Pfiffner 503 282-6582

Dave Brook 503 313-1320

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minutes of the June 8, 2010 SGNA Board Meeting

Present: Adam Capage, Gretchen Milhaupt, Mike Mutschler, Shoshanna Cohen (NECN), Allen Schroeder, Chris Lopez, Roy Kruger, Mark Troseth, Dan Lerch-Walters, Kari La Forge, Stephan Chase, Ashley Tjaden, Will Elder, Officer Josh Faris and Lee Perlman from Hollywood Star.

After introductions by Adam Capage who Chaired the meeting in Craig Nyschen’s absence, Chris Lopez was welcomed as a new Board Member. The other new (and former) Board Members are Pam Pfiffner and David Brook were absent.

Officer Josh Faris introduced himself as the patrolling officer in SG as part of his regular territory. Officer Amanda McMillan is with a community wide operation. He is on patrol from 3pm to 1am from MLK to Knott to 33rd back to I84. He has been in the North/Northeast area for 9 years. Dan Lerch-Walters said one of our problems is the falling building on NE 21st on the northside of the I84 freeway gulch. The complaint is that there has been no action since last winter. The owner has passed away and his intention was to donate the land/building to a charity, the estate has not been settled.

Another topic was discussed by Officer Faris was the need for property owners to have an existing trespass agreement filed with the police department IF the property owners are having a problem with trespassers the police cannot come onto the property without such an agreement on file. Go to to find the form.

Office Faris also said that he knows all or most the transients who frequent the SG neighborhood and he estimates there are about 30 such people. He stated that they are not causing problems of a criminal nature.

Shoshana Cohen of NECN spoke next about the N/NE Portland Public Safety Roundtable which will be held on Tuesday June 29th at NECN Headquarters at 4815 NE 7th in the King Community Center. Time is 6 to 8 pm, RSVP is important: . They will serve refreshments.

Also, Shoshana spoke about NECH teaming up with SE Uplift to co-sponsor a public discussion about what to do with abandoned lands/empty buildings within the city limits, this will be announced later. And Good in the Hood is coming up starting June 26, food, music, info available. All this can be checked out on their NEW website: .

A short discussion was held regarding the SG Annual Garage Sale. Adam Capage said that Lisa Perlstein said last year she didn’t want to be involved. Gretchen agreed to ask Lisa, Sara Osheroff and Esther Saulle IF they are still willing/interested in organizing the sale. It’s coming up soon, many people agreed we could skip it this year and do it again next year.

Chris Lopez reported for the Communications Committee: he has put up a new blog: . This will be our official, formal and informal new communications system. NECN also has basic info about SGNA on their new site. In the near future it is planned to make a printed newsletter to be distributed in 13 different ZONES which Chris has indentified. He needs content and is planning on working with Pam Pfiffner on this committee. Later, he was elected by the Board as Chair of the Communications Committee. Check out the BLOG; the more hits it gets the more people with eventually find it. Chris also advocated for a new set of signs and the Board voted to let him order 50 signs with stakes for $200, and they should be ready well before GULCH O RAMA. Chris also talked about our need to have an email list (like the soupnight list) for sending of a newsletter and general communications. The newsletter should come out about two weeks before GOR.

Chris Lopez has been working double time (very much appreciated) and has re-worked the existing SGNA By Laws. All Board Members were sent a copy of his latest draft and that was what was discussed. Mostly the language is clearer, and the main difference is the TERM for Board Members, he is suggesting a one year renewable term. Once the draft is finished, it will be voted on at the next General Meeting, which will be at GOR or later.

Dan Lerch-Walters discussed his many years on the Board and remarked that his primary contribution is all about the Sullivan’s Gulch Bike Trail. He said that maybe we could give him a separate (non-voting) designation as liaison to other agencies working on the Trail.

Will Elder reported as the Chair of the Land Use Committee on two issues:

Regarding the parking problems west of NE 21st, the interns at Lloyd Transportation Management Association will conduct a survey of parked cars sometime this month. The results will determine if residential parking permits are recommended.

Second, Will is aware of complaints about parking in the gravel lot north of Holladay Park Plaza which is slated for future development.

Ashley Tjaden and Rachelle Allen have resigned from the Board.

Gulch Class of 2010

Congratulations to the Sullivan's Gulch Class of 2010. These fine young folks are recently minted grads from some of Portland's finest institutions of learning. They are;

Isabel Arntson
Ellen Claussen
Katelyn Fink
Domenic Guilietti
Ulysses Lopez
Addison Pettit
Katherine Quick
Maya Stoner

Your Gulch Class of '10. And proud we are of all of them.

Pedalpalooza Starts Today!

Pedalpalooza is a 17 day festival of bike events organized each June by Portland's grassroots bike-fun specialists Shift. It originated from BikeSummer in 2002 and has grown each year into one of the most amazing celebrations of bicycling anywhere in the world. Pedalpalooza features over 270 rides and events all crammed into 2 & 1/2 weeks.

This year's fun starts with a Kickoff Bike Ride at nearby Laurelhurst Park(33th & Ankeny). Meet at the duck pond at 7:00p.m. for a two hour ride thru Portland or visit for info on all Pedalpalooza events.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Holladay Park Plaza 7:30 p.m. Open to all, all are welcome. See you there.

Today's History Lesson

Tooling around the internet today, I found some neat Sully's history...

Sullivan's Gulch is a neighborhood (north of the gulch of the same name) in the Northeast section of Portland, Oregon. The name commemorates Timothy Sullivan, an early farmer in the area. Sullivan settled his donation land claim on January 27, 1851. He was born in Ireland in 1805, received citizenship in the United States in 1855, and most likely received title to the claim around 1863. The gulch extends east from the Willamette River and originally was a forested riparian area featuring a spring-fed pool and waterfalls.

The gulch itself was formed between 15,000 and 13,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age when the ice dam containing Glacial Lake Missoula thawed some 40 times, causing some of the largest floods known on earth. The flood waters spilled across Idaho and eastern Washington, surged down the Columbia River and through the Gorge, flooding the Willamette Valley as far south as Eugene. This flood covered Portland with approximately 400 ft of water, laying down large amounts of silt and gravel, creating the Alameda Ridge, as well as carving out Sullivan's Gulch.

Just a little something to chew on Tuesday lunchtime.

Monday, June 7, 2010

SGNA Board Meeting Tuesday evening, June 8th

The Board of Directors of SGNA is meeting tomorrow night at 7:30pm in Holladay Park Plaza. As a Sullivan's Gulch resident, this is a great opportunity to find out what going on in your neighborhood and meet your fellow Gulchers. Nibbles provided. Stop by and say hello.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Irvington Farmer's Market at Sullivan's Gulch

There's a new name for the farmer's market at NE 16th between Broadway and Weidler. The Irvington Farmer's Market at Sullivan's Gulch is up and running every Sunday 'til November 7. Market hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The IFM@SG has two dozen vendors plus live music every week. All in all a wonderful way to pass a pleasant Sunday.

First Friday Arts Walk in Central Eastside

Gallery walk from 6-9 PM tonight. Go to for maps and directions to neighborhood galleries.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing Your SGNA Board of Directors


Craig Nyschens, Chairperson

2516 NE Clackamas, 503 335-7018 HYPERLINK "" Jan 08

Gretchen Milhaupt, Secretary

& Emergency Preparedness, Safety Chair

2637 NE Clackamas, 503 287-7813 HYPERLINK "" Spring 08

Kari LaForge, Treasurer

2208 NE Multnomah 503 422-2936 HYPERLINK "" Summer 08

Dan Lerch-Walters

2174 NE Multnomah, 503 284-7605 HYPERLINK "" ?

Adam Capage

2526 NE Clackamas, 503 284-6952 HYPERLINK "" June 08

Allen Shroeder

1300 NE 16th Apt 508, 503 280-2324 HYPERLINK "" Fall 08

Mike Mutschler

2533 NE Clackamas, 503 241-7360 HYPERLINK "" Summer 09

Rachelle Allen, Vice Chair

1732 NE Weidler St , 503 421-1464 HYPERLINK "" Spring 09

Ashley Tjaden

1330 NE 22nd, 971 227-9654 HYPERLINK "" Spring 09

Will Elder

2005 NE Multnomah, 503 317-4821 HYPERLINK "" Aug 09

Stephen Chase

2534 NE Clackamas, 971 227-2800 HYPERLINK "" Oct 09

Darren Knittle

2533 NE Multnomah 503 280-0326 HYPERLINK "" Spring 10

Congrats Class of 2010!!

Grant High's graduation ceremony is this Sunday, June 6.

6:00 P.M. at Memorial Coliseum.

If you need an extra ticket or two, contact the blog. We'll try to hook you up.

Sully's Blog Day One

Welcome to the Sullivan's Gulch Blog.

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor."

My sentiments exactly.